PAI HUEY Plastic Industry

Pai Huey plastic established in 1974, We provides various plastic membrane and bag products, dividing to LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, Ionomer resin, two layer,three layer co-extrusion film and five layer co-extrusion, EVOH,nylon bag, nylon film five layer co- extrusion.

Product Line

As a leading manufacturer of Shrink Film, our products have a reputation for quality. We pay attention to the details that matter to you to deliver custom, cost-effective and scalable solutions that contribute to your bottom line. Our range of Shrink Film, Lamination Film, Multi-Layer, Co-extrusion Film, Anti-static Bags meet connectivity challenges in a wide array of environments and conditions. We work collaboratively and innovate globally.
Product Categories:
Shrink Film, Lamination Film, Multi-Layer and Shrink Film is the most critical new-model introduction for PAI HUEY Plastic Industry in a year in which it is debuting numerous new products worldwide. If you require more information on a particular product, please don't hesitate to contact with us.